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Kudos to Howard Linden for the outstanding post on the present and future Second Life viewer software builds.  A little transparency in the success (read: non-crash) rates of the viewers gives  some much-appreciated insight into the performance of the viewer (and, by extension, the entire Second Life user experience) over the past months.


Also, even more interesting are the foreshadowing thoughts on the “Viewer 2009” project.  Sounds like we’re in for a total interface overhaul.  Let’s hope that Linden Lab and their consultants learned a lesson or two from Dusan Writer’s viewer interface design contest.


Yeah, they’re having “dialogue” over bots in Second Life.  Hamlet opines that the Linden-watching conspiracy crowd thinks the die has already been cast, and I’ll buy that bag of chips.  Let’s hope they decided to end the travesty that are bots.  If they do that, they’ll suggest that the humans at the end of the keyboards are in charge, and that code is NOT God.

This is the best video I’ve seen in a LONG time…

Not a bad remake by Coldplay of the original, instrumental “Life in Technicolor” from “Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends.”

A fascinating, well-researched talk that illustrates the art deco-inspired architectural foundation of Bay City. Kudos to Mari for her efforts to beautify our little corner of the grid! (If such things interest you, I HIGHLY recommend this talk.)
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…and they’ve gotten spunky in their absence!

The Moai of Vile Chapel by Phinn Boffin, courtesy of Snapzilla

"The Moai of Vile Chapel" by Phinn Boffin, courtesy of Snapzilla

Then log into Twitter or Plurk.  These social networking tools get some action from me on a fairly frequent basis.  (Of course, you have to put up with me rambling about the Columbus Blue Jackets as they make their first (hopeful) run to the NHL playoffs, too.  That and me bitching about my sweatshop existence RL work…)

Congrats to the organizers of the SL Clothing Fair 2009 benefitting Relay for Life.   This event generates boatloads of money for the American Cancer Society, a worthwhile endeavor if there ever was one.  

I’ve gotta ask, though…with – what – 8-9 sims filled with unique store and virtual goods, why wouldn’t you keep the event open longer than one week?  I consider myself a reasonably frequent user of Second Life, and I think I may have made it through one-third to one-half of the stores.  

C’est la vie, I suppose.


Morris Vig, Ode to Ode

Morris Vig, "Ode to Ode"

Let’s try this again…my first blog, Second Arts, was supposed to be about the Second Life arts scene…and sometimes still is.  Well, I’m going to spin off the presonal/superfluous stuff yet also expand on more general opinions and observations about life in general – even RL (“real life” for those who know know SL-ese).  And Second Arts will be more and more about the SL arts scene and less and less about me.

Off we go!

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