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Here’s a unique view of Ub Yifu’s “The Energy of Bay City,” which overlooks the North Channel from Bay City. Ub did a splendid job on this sculpted piece (like always), and I’m thrilled to offer a landmark to welcome visitors to our special collection of sims. (Also, the piece is darned “photogenic”! Between WindLight and the camera angles, I could be at this for a LONG time….) Please stop by and enjoy!
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Yeah, what Sunn said.

…Second Life has nothing to worry about.

Color me unimpressed, even with this slideshow of their “New Venice” build, which is better looking than the above photo but still not mind-blowing.   Blue Mars has been hyped as being way better than Second Life, and it just isn’t from what I can see.

I’ll keep my inventory, my land and my friends…and stay in Second Life.  The grass isn’t always greener on the other side, folks.

If you’re going to run a conference, especially one focussed on virtual worlds, might I suggest that you take a page from The General, who organized a parallel Second Life track for this weekend’s Netroots Nation convention in the Steel City:

Can’t make it to Pittsburgh? Consider joining me at Netroots Nation in Second Life. I’ll be doing a number of events there.

See?  It’s not too hard.  Run some events in “meatspace” (love that term) for the people who want to socialize in the flesh, but also encourage congregating inworld.  The General’s also going to stream some of the live speeches from the convention so those not attending in person can see them inworld.

Now, there are 4 SLCC islands on the Second Life grid that very well could be holding an inworld component to the convention.  I wouldn’t know as I wasn’t permitted to teleport to the islands and ascertain their purpose.  Sigh.

Nope, not going this year.  Didn’t go last year.  Didn’t go the year before.  (Not sure I was in SL the year before that…)

Why don’t I consider going to SLCC, you ask?  Easy.  I don’t need it.

  1. I don’t need to go to a live convention to get my social interaction fix.  Social interaction is what Second Life is premised upon, at least in part.  I can meet with people from all over the world through my SL viewer interface.  Yet there’s a desire by some for a live, in-person aspect to achieve a deeper interpersonal dialogue than what SL can offer.  I’m fine with the pixel world, but could this motivation speak to an unstated shortcoming of SL…That it doesn’t do enough to facilitate social interaction?  That it can’t replace the human interchange? Something to mull over, indeed.
  2. SLCC also gives Linden Lab a chance to show off the REAL PEOPLE who are behind the oft-clownish avatars for media and industry types.  That’s not something that I’m interested in helping on.  I already pay them tier.

Now an SLCC that I could get behind would be one that is held inworld.  There are inworld convention centers and venues…why not use them to highlight the world that we inhabit?  Why not do a Healthcare, Education, Enterprise, Fashion and Music track inworld?  It’s fascinating that Linden Lab currently is hyping itself as a replacement for meetings and conventions yet doesn’t promote an inworld component to its biggest convention of the year.   None of this “Land Fair” or “Education Fair” stuff…I mean a significant inworld convention where people who care about Second Life can gather and discuss Second Life.

Ah well.  To those attending, have a great time.  Really.  Far be it from me to tell you what to do…I’m just sharing my opinion.

To the rest of us, the ones hanging out inworld, maybe we should consider how a “SLCC” event would work if executed inworld.  You know, using the tools that bring us together anyway?

It’s a shame that some feel constrained in fully sharing their appreciation of the Lab’s efforts to finally address intellectual property issues in a comprehensive manner:

I’m going to smoothly gloss over the Standard Industry Practices for Copying Tools, because that read like a personal letter to a certain company I’m strongly affiliated with. And it’d be all kinds of stupid for me to open my mouth on that!

It’s never good when people feel muzzled.

What other conclusion can one come to, seeing that Linden Lab came out with a comprehensive intellectual property strategy mere weeks after Rezzable announced its capacity to pirate Second Life grid content?

Not a minute too late, I say.

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