If you’re going to run a conference, especially one focussed on virtual worlds, might I suggest that you take a page from The General, who organized a parallel Second Life track for this weekend’s Netroots Nation convention in the Steel City:

Can’t make it to Pittsburgh? Consider joining me at Netroots Nation in Second Life. I’ll be doing a number of events there.

See?  It’s not too hard.  Run some events in “meatspace” (love that term) for the people who want to socialize in the flesh, but also encourage congregating inworld.  The General’s also going to stream some of the live speeches from the convention so those not attending in person can see them inworld.

Now, there are 4 SLCC islands on the Second Life grid that very well could be holding an inworld component to the convention.  I wouldn’t know as I wasn’t permitted to teleport to the islands and ascertain their purpose.  Sigh.