Morris Vig Second Life self-portrait

I’m Morris Vig. Or, more accurately, my Second Life avatar is Morris Vig. I’m the guy who owns the former Oyster Bay Sculpture Garden and Aquarium, one of the more prolific arts facilities in Second Life in its day.    I now blog on the Second Life arts scene at my Second Arts blog.

I also attempt to be a little bit of an inworld photographer and machinimatist, which is a challenge as I have no formal training and have made a habit of hanging out with people who have much more talent. I’ve shown at the old (Oyster Bay-adjacent) Second Arts photo gallery and  at Jazz Calhern’s Jazz by the Sea gallery.  I suppose I’ve also shown at my new Second Arts gallery, but nothing real formal.

Second Life right now is, in my opinion, the cutting edge of web-based social and creative development. This is a magic moment in the history of the Internet. I’m glad to share what little I know with all of you. Enjoy the blog.

I’m probably more prolific than I should be on the web…look at the side column for me on different social networking and image-sharing sites.

Emails can go to me directly at morrisvig[at]sbcglobal[dot]net, but I also love to see comments to individual blog entries as well.