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Nope, not going this year.  Didn’t go last year.  Didn’t go the year before.  (Not sure I was in SL the year before that…)

Why don’t I consider going to SLCC, you ask?  Easy.  I don’t need it.

  1. I don’t need to go to a live convention to get my social interaction fix.  Social interaction is what Second Life is premised upon, at least in part.  I can meet with people from all over the world through my SL viewer interface.  Yet there’s a desire by some for a live, in-person aspect to achieve a deeper interpersonal dialogue than what SL can offer.  I’m fine with the pixel world, but could this motivation speak to an unstated shortcoming of SL…That it doesn’t do enough to facilitate social interaction?  That it can’t replace the human interchange? Something to mull over, indeed.
  2. SLCC also gives Linden Lab a chance to show off the REAL PEOPLE who are behind the oft-clownish avatars for media and industry types.  That’s not something that I’m interested in helping on.  I already pay them tier.

Now an SLCC that I could get behind would be one that is held inworld.  There are inworld convention centers and venues…why not use them to highlight the world that we inhabit?  Why not do a Healthcare, Education, Enterprise, Fashion and Music track inworld?  It’s fascinating that Linden Lab currently is hyping itself as a replacement for meetings and conventions yet doesn’t promote an inworld component to its biggest convention of the year.   None of this “Land Fair” or “Education Fair” stuff…I mean a significant inworld convention where people who care about Second Life can gather and discuss Second Life.

Ah well.  To those attending, have a great time.  Really.  Far be it from me to tell you what to do…I’m just sharing my opinion.

To the rest of us, the ones hanging out inworld, maybe we should consider how a “SLCC” event would work if executed inworld.  You know, using the tools that bring us together anyway?


What other conclusion can one come to, seeing that Linden Lab came out with a comprehensive intellectual property strategy mere weeks after Rezzable announced its capacity to pirate Second Life grid content?

Not a minute too late, I say.

Get this answer, from a Linden Lab employee during the adult content “press conference”:

Q: How does this initiative affect a potential merge of Teen Second Life and Second Life? I’ve talked to a lot of educators, and everyone hears over and over that the inhibitions to engage in Second Life and work with the educational possibilities, people say, ‘no, I can’t do it because penises are going to drop on my kids’

A: (Cyn): Well, I think it’s important to note that there isn’t really anything we’re going to do that’s going to keep a 13 year-old from building a penis and dropping it on his teacher’s head, you know things like that happen in the real world too – teacher’s get stuff thrown at them all the time. 

Ouch.  Is there an antidote to foot-in-mouth disease?  I know that this is only an excerpt for Cyn’s reply, but what would posess a representative of a company who is trying to attract educators to Second Life to say that, even in jest?

With a title like this, I HAD to check it out

We are organizing an exhibition about Second-Life & the Future of Music Industry. The music industry is in crisis – you’ve heard the news. But in the virtual world of Second-Life, an alternative music economy is emerging. Already, real musicians are making a living by playing exclusively in Second-Life, and music labels and clubs of a new kind are created every week. We have spent 3-months researching the new musical trends in Second-Life, and we’re bringing them to you in the form of snapshots, sounds, videos, interviews and more. Come discover what music could become in the next 10 years.

Place: Harajuku Design Festa Gallery 2F, Tokyo (Japan)
Date: April 10-12, 2009
Hours: 11am-7pm

As those who know me know, I’m a bit of an inworld music afficionado.  If the organizers get the top tier acts to be part of this event, it will be something special.  Need a hint as to who I mean?  #1: Start with Doubledown Tandino.  #2: Look below…

"Komuso plays Planet Mongo" by Juko Tempel, from Flickr

Thanks to for the lead!

Just in off the wire


KEOKUK, IA (AP) – Still unconfirmed reports indicate that Betty Ahno of Keokuk took a step last Thursday night that may just change the face of the computer industry.  For the first time ever, a non-geek acknowledged publicly that they enjoy hanging out in the virtual world of Second Life.  

Just months before it reached it’s sixth anniversary, the Linden Lab creation broke through the vaunted, stigma-laden barrier when Mrs. Ahno, while in the checkout line at Hy-Vee, was overheard telling family friend Sally Stephenson, “I really like playing in that Second Life.”  

Five other sources who claim to have been in Hy-Vee within earshot of the couple confirm Mrs. Ahno’s comment or a close derivation.   Hy-Vee video surveillance monitors do not collect audio information and were not helpful in substantiating the claim.

Linden Lab chairman and Second Life creator/evangelist Philip Rosedale, contacted at the San Francisco headquarters of Linden Lab, the owner and manager of the virtual world service that boasts ones of hours of uptime every day, appeared surprised when asked to comment on the development in Keokuk.  “Someone actually said that they liked Second Life?  What languages do they program in?  Does Mitch know this?”  

Mark Kingdon, Linden Lab president, also expressed interest in the development.  “This is a big day for our company.  I’m thrilled that a member of the general public openly professed their enjoyment of Second Life with no reservation or fear of social reprisal so early in my term as president of Linden Lab,” Kingdon said.  “We’ve tried so hard to get normal people to like us and what we do.  We’ve pretty much ignored our paying customers to get this far.  I wonder if she got hooked by checking out the new home page on our website. We’re quite proud of that, you know.”  

Internet searches on Mrs. Ahno found she posted a Second Life photo on a month ago of Mrs. Ahno’s virtual world avatar having internet-based intercourse with a human-raccoon hybrid known in Second Life as a ‘furry’.  

Mrs. Ahno was not available for comment.


Get your police segway at!  (Not my product)

Get your police segway at! (Not my product)

Just got this today in a group notice for the Bay City Alliance group (a really nice group, promoting events and activities in the Bay City sims):


[SUBJECT: Age Verification Info Center]

We have created an Age Verification Info Center with basic information about age verification, in addition to  ZONES where you can verify if you can access parcels with Age Verification or Payment Info On File turned on. LM enclosed.

For practical (and cost reasons) the zones are outside the Bay City SIMs as parcels there cannot be subdivided, making it impossible to create the 16 sq m verification zones. 

For Bay City PD, Gavin Hird. 

Did I miss something?  Did Linden Lab drop a midnight policy change on us?  I’m so confused…

Kudos to Howard Linden for the outstanding post on the present and future Second Life viewer software builds.  A little transparency in the success (read: non-crash) rates of the viewers gives  some much-appreciated insight into the performance of the viewer (and, by extension, the entire Second Life user experience) over the past months.


Also, even more interesting are the foreshadowing thoughts on the “Viewer 2009” project.  Sounds like we’re in for a total interface overhaul.  Let’s hope that Linden Lab and their consultants learned a lesson or two from Dusan Writer’s viewer interface design contest.

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